Thursday, March 31, 2011



We all had parties to go too. Allen and I went to a Charity night. The theme was A Night at the Movies so you could dress up as anyone from any movie. Easy you may think but it's such a wide variety of characters. We thought of Pretty in Pink, but no dress for me, Snow White - as someone had offered me an adult costume and Allen was going to be the handsome prince! Allen wanted to go as Two Face from Batman and me to be Cat Woman or Bat girl, both of which I refused! We ended up as Trinity and Neo from the Matrix. We had a great night. Sam and Kevin, our neighbours, went as the Black Swan and the Crow. I thought theirs were the best outfits of the night. I've included photos of all of us.

Jacob and Abi were then invited to a party for a brother and sister who are in Cub's and Daisy Scouts. It was on the American base and lasted all afternoon. We stayed and helped with the BBQ and serving the food. I've added photos of them enjoying the pinata.


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