Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pinewood Derby


Jacob has been busy with cubs through out the year. The Pinewood Derby is an activity that takes place for cubs across America and the Derby has been running each year since the 70's. Each cub is given a block of wood and some wheels and has to design and make a race car. Luckily for us we have a very handy neighbour called Andy who very kindly agreed to help out. Jacob drew his design and we took it around to Andy's so he could use his jigsaw to cut it out. Andy also had an electric sander. Jacob then was in charge of the painting and decoration. He did a brilliant job. The cars had to be weighed and have weights added so it went back to it's original weight. All of the boys then got together and the cars were raced on a special track. Jacob came bang in the middle of the pack and had a fun time racing. Everyone got certificates and a pin for their uniforms. Jacob's certificate was for Best Detail. I've included a variety of pictures from the morning. Allen took Jacob as I was at home with Abi who had thrown up 18 times. Can't believe anyone can be so sick! She's fully recovered but did need 2 days off school even though it started on a Saturday.


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