Monday, March 7, 2011



It's been a week of Carnival celebrations out here. I was teaching 4 days and there were lots of activities at school. There were different themes each day, National colours, National dress, face painting and dress up day. Abi had a variety of face paints this week, she made us late everyday! I've included photos from the different days. She also had a fun day at gymnastics, she went as a skeleton. Jacob was a cowboy for school , Abi a witch and me a clown.

They have both started swimming lessons this week. They are going 2 sessions a week so it was a busy old week, especially as I was working.

We went to the Carnival parade in Sittard on Sunday, we walked in with a family we know from school and work. Abi had great fun as Haley is her age. Monday we went into our village, Munstergeleen, for their Carnival parade. I have to say I prefered the village one. The weather was great for both and the kids came back with loads of sweets that were thrown from the floats.

Off to Winterberg, Germany, skiing tomorrow. Looking forward to the break away. Have chosen a place with an indoor pool in case there is no snow, or it's wet!


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