Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Scouts


Seemed to spend a lot of the weekend doing Scout things. Saturday we went onto the American base nearby to visit the community bank. They learned some new information about banking and came away clutching more tat! I've included a photo of them in their uniforms.

The weather has been wet this weekend so after Abi's gymnastics we did our normal stop off at the garden centre for a late breakfast and for the kids to play. After the bank visit we stopped off at Ikea, again for the play area and a quiet coffee for us! Then it was off to a retirement party in a local village. A lady from Allen's office was leaving the American Airforce. We're buying their old BMW off them when they go at the end of March. It was a good do but the cafe/bar that it was held in was a smoking place so we all had to have showers when we got home.

Sunday was wet again so I had to take Jacob and Abi off to a Scout Sunday service at the church on base. I thought it would be a child friendly service but it was dull and boring. Jacob and Abi were very well behaved - they coped better than me! I've included a photo of them joining in with the singing at the front of the church.

So I worked 4 days this week, more than I thought I was going to. Allen had Friday off and we were meant to be exploring Achen together. Unfortunately I was called into school so Allen had a day at home to himself and I was very busy at school! After school there was a curry night on base so we went along and had a chat and a very nice home made curry while the kids had pizza.

It's Culture Week at school this coming week - a run up to Carnival. Lots of activities going on and different things to wear each day. Tomorrow it's National colours, so we're off to school in red, white and blue! I'm working 4 days again so a hectic week. Abi starts swimming lessons, she's having 2 a week so we'll see how that goes. Half term coming soon - can't wait.


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carriesweatland said...

Hello! It's been a bit since I've caught up with your blog. All sounds very busy, and very good there. We've just had our pinewood derby and Jake's scouts has been quite active. They embrace the cold weather here, including a scouts day of skiing, and a klondike derby. All else is fine here. Jake has decided that he doesn't really like school, though he does well. He'd just rather play, and the only logic that gets is to remind him that his friends will also be in school. Annie loves school and flourishes. My job there is good, and I enjoy it. Gives me a lack of free time and the pay isn't great, but I'm not complaining. Say hi to everyone. Our best, Carrie