Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another playplace

Allen had to go to some military church thing today so, as it was rather cold out, Jacob, Abi and me went to an indoor playplace we've not tried yet. We got 2 euros off a person as we've joined Monde Verde - the outdoor place we went to last week. I took plently of snacks and nagazines too. One of the nieghbours came back from the UK yesterday and brought me 6 magazines so I was well prepared for 4 hours of them playing. Jacob and Abi would have stayed there until it shut! I have included a variety of photo from today. No doubt we will be visiting this play place again.

Working tomorrow but that's all so far. Daisy Scouts is Sing-a-long patch so that could be entertaining! Hoping to start my pilates DVD this week, need to do something to shape up.

Hope all's well

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