Sunday, May 8, 2011

First windmill visit


We managed to get to a windmill. It is not a working one but you can still go up inside it. I was a total whimp and worried the whole time about the height, the wooden floorboards and the wind! Good view, steep steps and happy children. Have included a few photos. Of course there was a cafe involved and very good it was too. We will find a working windmill at some point but this was a great start! I have also included 2 photos from school of Jacob and Abi in their Easter Hats. They had to decorate them and then parade around school. I was surprised at how into it Jacob was. They both looked the part.



Allen said...

Excellent posts Rachael - Grandma Melrose and I loved looking at the pictures.
Lovely weather in Melrose this morning - wish you all were here!

carriesweatland said...

Love the windmill pictures. Very quintessential, at least to my American point of view. Your two are growing up so much! Great to see the pictures. Not much new here. Went out for drinks with the British school teacher here, and thought of you. A few more weeks of school still, and then we have family get-together in Mexico. We are anxious for that. Other than that, things are good. Our best, Carrie