Monday, May 30, 2011

Margraten 2011


Jacob and Abi took part in a remembrance tradition. As part of the scouting organisation we were invited to lay flags at the American Cemetery just outside the town of Margraten in the Netherlands. It is a large memorial to American soldiers who lost their lives in the area during World War 2. There are just over 8000 graves there. At each cross an American flag is placed as well as a Dutch one, so over 16,000 flags need to be planted. As well as the white stone cross graves there is also a remembrance pool, column and wall of names. It was a great thing to do and really made us all think about the past and what's going on today in the world. My 2 were brilliant and I am pleased we all took part.


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carriesweatland said...

How thoughtful of all of you! Looks like beautiful weather and Abi's hair is so long and pretty. It is Memorial Day here, and Jake went to put flags on graves, too. We've two weeks of school left, and it feels like it is taking a year. It'll be nice to have a break. Not a whole lot else is going on here. Just a count down to the end of school and our trip to Mexico. I'm in desperate need of hot weather and sun! Say hello to everyone for us. Our best, Carrie