Monday, May 30, 2011

A Party and a Play!


Am doing a couple of posts, it's cleaning day so any excuse not to get on! Over the last couple of weeks we've been busy with normal things so I've chosen a couple of highlights:

Abi went to a party at Monde Verde. I have already posted about this place as we have season passes so go quite regularly. This was our first brithday party there though and it was great fun with lots of children. I've put a photo on of Abi, and some of her friends, on the roller coaster.

Jacob took part in a play at school. He was a Greek soldier and was rather good. He loved the fighting parts. The whole thing was very well done and you could clearly hear all of the speakers which is a pleasant change. I've put in a photo of him with 2 of his closer friends and also one of the group of soldiers.

Abi's in a play tomorrow so more photos will follow!


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