Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick and Treating!


Happy Halloween!! Jacob and Abi have throughly enjoyed their weekend of trick and treating. Friday we were on Schinnen with Jacob's friend's Landon and Logan. I've borrowed a photo off Michelle to add to this blog. Today, actual Halloween, we cycled into Sittard to have lunch in the square as it was lovely weather. While having a coffee a Witch came up to Jacob and Abi and invited them to a Witches workshop. So off we went and learnt how to dance like a witch, cackle like one too and then they made potions. I tried one - very sweet! They had a lovely time but unfortunately I forgot the camera. Tonight we're just back from going around the neighbours houses. I have included a photo outside the house.

School's back tomorrow - hooray, Allen and I have the day together.


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carriesweatland said...

It is fun to see the pictures of trick-or-treating. I'm glad you found a way to participate. Superman must be popular - we had lots of "How to Train Your Dragon" costumes. As far as the candy, we got far too much. Though, I admit to pulling a few of my favorites out before the kids saw. I just posted some pictures. Say hello to Jacob & Abi for us. Our best, Carrie