Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grandma's 70th Birthday


This is being posted a little late, sorry. We've had a hectic week since coming back from the UK so this is the first evening I've had to post. Last weekend we went back to the UK for my Mum's 70th birthday. We decided to leave early on Saturday morning and had booked the Chunnel. It all worked perfectly and we even got on the train before our booking. The M25 was clear, for once, and we managed a stop at Asda as we were early. Had lunch with mum and dad and then Jacob and Abi went swimming with their cousins and Grandma so me and Allen could go and see Ali and her new arrival Teddy. I cuddled Teddy for 2 hours and he slept the whole time. He was lovely. It was good to catch up with Ali and Jeremy without distractions. I've included a photo of me and Teddy. We got back to mum's in time to put J&A to bed and to eat a yummy Indian meal - haven't had Indian since being in Holland however we have got a great Chinese take out in our village. For mum's celebration we had a brunch at the bungalow. All the local family came so it was a busy house with loads of food. It was good to see everyone. I've included a photo of Mum, Jacob and Abi with the present they got her. We went back on the Chunnel and managed to get on an hour before we were meant to so were back home by 10.15pm. A good weekend even though we were only back for 24 hours. Stocked up on things we were missing from home, hula hoops, weetabix, maple syrup plus quite a bit more!

Since geting back it's been busy and I'll post that next ......

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