Saturday, September 18, 2010



The children had Friday off school so Allen took that day off too and we went to Efteling Theme Park. It's about and hour and 15mins from here - if you don't get lost! We have an in built GPS, it gives a bit too much warning so we turned too quickly off the motorway and then couldn't u turn for 7 miles. Got a 2 day pass with one night at the park's hotel. The actual park was nicely spread out. There was easily enough in it for a 2 day trip. Abi was too small for the main roller coasters so I had a good excuse not to ride them! I don't know what has happened to me I now feel sick on most rides! The only one that was OK was the water ride. I've put in a photo from that one plus a few from the hotel. We had a themed suite in the hotel which was only a 5 min walk into the main park. The hotel was much better than the Paris Disneyland one, very child friendly. In our room there was a present when they got there, sweets on check in, lollies, candy canes, marshmallows and a colouring set all in the room too. It had bunk beds for them and a curtained off area for the TV, a proper pod coffee maker. The food was excellent too with entertainment for the kids so we had a peaceful time. Expensive but worth it.

Helped out in Abi's class this week, off to see Jacob's teacher on Tuesday. Back to the UK next weekend for mum's 70th birthday. Looking forward to doing some shopping and seeing the family. Jacob's signed up for cub scouts, he's in the wolf den. I'll probably be helping out.



carriesweatland said...

Hello there! I've not had a post in a bit, so I'll try to get one going this weekend. The good news is that volunteering for the crossing-guard duty led to a teacher-aide job for 2nd grade. The timing is quite convenient, and I bike to/from the school with the kids. Iwork with three different teachers, and one of them, Mrs. Dickey, is British. She reminds me of you every day! That's been keeping me very busy, but that's just fine. Not a glorious position and the pay is not fantastic, but I'm happy to have it. Not too much else new. Jake's getting ready to turn 7, and I need to think of some idea for a party. Say hello to Jacob, Abi and Allen for us. My best, Carrie.

ceri said...

Hi, Rachael. I love the idea of getting to bike everywhere. You, too, Carrie. Sounds fun.

That fancy hotel would have thrilled Owen. His favourite part of our lake cabin this summer was the bunk bed!