Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bokrijk Park


The week flew past. I stayed in a couple of days to try and sort the house a bit more. Getting our big sideboard delivered tomorrow so at least I can put away all of the stuff out in the lounge/diner at present. I did cycle into Sittard and met some British ladies for lunch. It was good to meet other people and have seen a few of them out and about since. Also had the back to school night. It was nice to meet the teachers but I still want to talk to Jacob's teacher more so we're going to ask for an extra appointment with her. Helping out in Abi's class again this coming week. Finally handed in all my teaching paperwork. Sounds like they need someone immediately so I could be in Reception pretty soon. Am going to go and help in there this week too.

When Allen got back from work on Friday we all cycled into Sittard, about 4 km, and had tea. An easy cycle so we'll do that quite a bit. There are loads of places to eat on the town square although we need to be careful which beer we drink as some of it is quite strong and you can be stopped on your bike as well as your car out here!

Abi went to her first gymnastics class on Saturday. Lots of British speakers in her group plus one girl from her class at school so that's good. Signing up Jacob for cub scouts tomorrow (Monday). After the gymnastics class we went to a park in Belgium. It's a huge place with a museum too but we just went to the outdoor park as it was free and the sun was shining. It was huge. They loved it all but the large slides were a favourite. I've put in a few photos from the afternoon.

Went on base for a Battle Of Britain church service. The children went and did a Sunday school thing and then we met them for a lovely lunch.

The kids have Friday off so looking forward to a day out.
Hope all is well


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carriesweatland said...

Our kids have a somewhat parallel life. Annie is in gymnastics on Thursdays, and Jake just joined cub-scouts. He's also enrolled in guitar lessons (at his request). We'll see if he has any talent, which certainly wouldn't come from me. You're managing to miss a winter season, aren't you? Lucky, you. Say hello to the kids for us.