Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cub camp and apples!


Had another busy week, this post is really the previous week. Jacob took part in his first cub camp.We all went and helped put up his tent, well Abi didn't help at all as there was a play area to amuse her. Allen stayed with Jacob so Abi and I went home and enjoyed Chinese and a Barbie movie. I was woken by the phone at 7.50am with Allen on the end asking to be picked up! It had rained all night and their shoes were soaked as they had left them outside! Nothing else was wet and it had only rained while they had been in the tent. They had had a cooked breakfast too. We left the tent up as Jacob could camp another night if he wanted and I took them both home for showers. Jacob then had a birthday party to go to on the American base. A boy in his class called Landon was turning 8. Landon has a twin brother called Logan and Jacob plays with both of them. Landon's mum meet us at the gate and we then went to the bowling party. It was good fun and Abi was allowed to join in. We spent 2 and a half hours there after which Jacob was knackered and didn't want to go camping again! So Allen and I went and took the tent down while the kids watched a movie with a neighbour. The tent was still wet so we put it in the garage. It dried the next day as it was lovely weather.

During the week I went on a class trip with Abi's year group. We went to an appple and pear farm on the German side. There was a bit of a language problem but it was still good fun and we all learnt a lot. We got to pick a few apples and eat them and I had a tummy ache at the end as the ones I picked weren't ripe! After the trip I went to one of the British ladies' house for lunch. She'd done a veggie spread and it was very tasty. I've put in a photo from the camping and one from the apple trip.

This coming week Jacob is doing a fashion show at school and Allen's off to Spain for work.


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