Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jacob's 8th Birthday

Jacob was up nice and early to start the celebrations for his 8th birthday! I went downstairs with him and we starting making brownies to take into school for his class. Luckily there are only 13 of them in his class so one batch was plenty. We actually made a Jamie Oliver recipe and it was yummy! We then took coffee up to Allen and Jacob opened his presents in our bed. His favourite was a Nerf gun, his lego book was a close second and he's busy with his new Mario game on the Wii as I'm typing this as well as playing with his balloons! Jacob went in late to school as he had an eye appointment at the hopsital. The regular opticians don't see children here so you have to go through the hospital. All was fine and he's got to go back in 4 months, Abi had gone on the bus, as usual, but at 9.30 I had a call from one of the other mum's to say they had been involved in a crash, all were fine. We then drove past the crash and it looked bad so I was glad I knew they were all fine before driving past. It hadn't been the buses fault it had had to drive off the road due to a car veering onto his side of the road. When the bus drove off the road it then hit a tree. The Head Teacher did phone us but an hour and a half after the crash happened - which I thought was a bit late.

So excitement on Jacob's big day, we dropped him at school together with his brownies and he came off the bus very happy. Off to KFC for tea, his choice. His birthday party is on Saturday. His best pals Landon and Logan are coming so he's very pleased. I will post photos from that at the weekend. So the photos here are from this morning. Grandma kindly made the number 8 cake, I've got to do a skull one for the weekend! Happy Birthday Jacob xxx



carriesweatland said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 8 years old! Please send him our best wishes for a fantastic year ahead. Sounds like he had a good day, and that there is a party coming this weekend. Scary thing about the bus accident. I guess the buses are a bit behemoth, so the kids are largely safe. Still, not good to hear.

We've had parent-teacher conferences, so we have a day off of school. Glowing reports for Annie, and Jake's teacher described him as a "dreamer". His reading, math and responsibility were on mark, so that's good. Now, if I could give the siblings the same marks for getting along at home! The only time they consisently play well is bed time, when they are supposed to be sleeping. Other than that, it is hit or miss.

We bought skiis for Brian and I this past week. There go my last few paychecks! But we plan to get a lot in, and we hope the kids enjoy it. We're not buying skiis for them just yet. Though they do have nice "trade-in" packages, so you can get used skiis in the right size each year.

Well, have a great birthday party! Our best, Carrie

James said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB! Hope you had a great day mate.

Big Jim