Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow and Christmas Fayre


A few photos from the past week. Jacob got a few lego kits for his birthday so I've included a photo once he had built them all. There's also one of them in there face paints from the Christmas Fayre plus a glitter tattoo that Abi got. Finally there one of them in the snow. They had great fun this morning out there!

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carriesweatland said...

Nice pictures! Our #406-241-2339. I bet the kids will love skiing, once they are back at the slopes. I'm just glad my two aren't turned off by the cold, since Arizona was such a warm place. We continue to get more snow each day here; I think it will be a looooong winter. The British 2nd grade teacher is a real character and I enjoy working with her. The other day one volunteer was showing the kids in circle a flower bulb. They are going to study it for their science unit. One of the kids asked if she could touch it, and the volunteer said, "flowers don't like to be touched. They only liked to be looked at and admired for their beauty." The teacher added, "just like Mrs. Dickey." Anyway, the adults got quite a chuckle.

We look forward hearing from you!