Saturday, October 6, 2012

The London Eye

Well after three days of being in London we were getting a little tired! It was Tim's birthday so we went off for lunch in Covent Garden. Had a lovely lunch at an Italian and sat outside. I've put in a photo of the kids showing off their face paints that they had done for free at Earls Court in the morning. You should definitely see which country Jacob favours!

After lunch we headed off to the London Eye, no queuing and straight on. It was good to see the views of London, I did worry a little as it's very exposed but I also enjoyed it. I've put in a variety of photos from this experience.

After this we then did a bit of a walk and a bit on the bus to get to Tower bridge. Unfortunately the rings were not down but it was still good to see the bridge and tower, it was very windy.

We thought about doing a bus and boat tour, but by this point we were knackered and went home to enjoy the cake Mum had made!

We had one more day down South before we headed up to Scotland. We had to get our car sorted and then did a bit of shopping too. Mum cooked us a nice leaving meal. We had an excellent time at the Olympics made better by having brilliant friends with us. Thank you to Mum and Dad for putting us up and ferrying us to the train station and also for feeding us all. A big thank you to Katharine, Steve, Matthew and Amy for vacating the house by going on holiday!

Up North next.

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