Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blunks in England

Our main reason from coming to the UK this summer was for the Olympics. We arranged, two years ago, while on a skiing trip to Denver, for our neighbours, The Blunks, to come over. Two years past pretty quickly and luckily I managed to get us tickets for 4 events, yes the online draw thing worked for us.

So the weekend the Olympics started and the Blunks arrived at Heathrow for two weeks of fun. Mum and Dad started their weekend off with a great BBQ and friends from the area come too. It was lovely seeing everyone, no photos - sorry!

We gave them a day or so to get sorted and then did a day trip out to Cambridge. I took the boys on the train and Allen drove. We met up with Jacqueline and co and went punting. We did a punt tour as there were 12 of us. The yound man punting us let all of the kids have a go - if they wanted. I've included a photo in the punt. We had a little look around Cambridge too. Jacqueline kindly took the girls back to her house and they had fun playing with their new puppy and kitten - see photo.

While we were in Holwell Dad also got his train out, I've added a photo of the kids enjoying a ride around the garden.

Next stop the Olympics.

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