Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Olympics

We managed to get tickets for ladies hockey, ladies basketball and men's volleyball. Tim and Betsy also got swimming tickets.

The first day we took just the boys into London for the hockey. The girls stayed with mum and went to the cinema and made Tim a cake! It was very exciting going into London, everyone was very friendly. It's the first time ever people have talked to me on the train and underground. The Olympic volunteers were everywhere and were extremely helpful.

We started our day by popping in to see Stuart, Allen's brother in law and Finn, our nephew, at Scotland house in London. I've included a photo of Tim, Betsy, Will and Jacob walking to Scotland House. The streets were all decorated with flags. London was quite empty - very strange. I think people had stayed away as they were told it was going to be really busy! There's also a photo of a blurred Allen and Jacob in the hockey stadium. I put that one in as you can see the weird structure they had built to go in the Olympic park. It also gives a sense of how big the Olympic park is, you can see the swim building too. The actual park was huge and extremely busy. We had quite a walk to get there. They built it next to a huge shopping centre, very posh. We didn't really had time to explore the stadium and should have given more time for this as the garden areas were really pretty and there was lots of things going on within the park. Beer and food were expensive so we took lots of snacks! We saw Team GB ladies in the hockey and they won their game. It was very exciting and the crowd were brilliant, it was full too. We took the boys home and Tim and Betsy stayed for the swimming which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The next day it was the basketball, the girls came in too as Betsy and I were having time shopping, Mum came with us as I'd booked tickets for Buckingham Palace. Tim and Allen went off to enjoy a few bars on the river while the rest of us enjoyed a tour around Buckingham Palace. We all had the kids plug in tour, you just pop the headphones on and off you go! The tour was excellent and I learnt a lot, I'd definitely go again. I've added a photo of us outside the front of the Palace. We all went off to the Olympic Park, so Mum could see what it was like, and we had lunch too. Then the Dad's took the kids off to the basketball and Betsy and I  went to the American bank hospitality place to enjoy free snacks and drinks. Mum went home! They all said the basketball was excellent, they saw Team GB ladies play, although they lost. Abi said the dancers inbetween time outs were the best and Jacob agreed! I've included a photo of Jacob and Abi at the basketball stadium waving their Union Jack's. Betsy and I had fun shopping in Harrods and met up with everyone back at Kings Cross for dinner.

Day three and it was everyone in for Volleyball. We went early and had a cooked breakfast near Earls Court. This was the only event that we didn't see Team GB and it did feel different. It was still exciting but not as good as when we saw GB play. There was lots going on with the cheer leaders so the kids were kept entertained the whole time. They also got their faces painted although you'll notice Jacob changed allegiance and got the Stars and Stripes! I've included a photo outside Earls Court. We bumped into Anne and Pete and girls outside too.

Next post London Eye.

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Ruth C said...

Looks great. We really enjoyed Volley Ball and Womens Football. We ended up supporting Australia (as at least there is a little union jack on their flag), serbia and france! Great atmosphere in London, and volunteers, police and army really were good fun. Shame its on not every year. Glad you all had such a great time. Ruth