Monday, October 15, 2012

Berlin Swim Meet

Jacob and Abi are both in the Orcas swim team here. They go to swim meets every other weekend and a month ago we had a swim meet in Berlin. We chose to go by train whoch took about 5 hours. Most of the rest of the team, 70 people, that included parents and sibblings too, went by coach - overnight. I'm glad we took our option as an over night on a coach with kids can't be all that fun! We then addred an extra day on too so had a great time exploring Berlin. It's not a pretty city but there was loads to do. We stayed in a good location and bought a travel card that meant we could use any form of public transport for the three days we were there.
From the photos you will see we went up the TV tower, went to a large piece of the wall that had an exhibition along with it, saw the World Clock, visited the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate. We did a bus tour too, so a busy but fun weekend in Berlin.

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