Friday, July 22, 2011

Uncle Joe's and Auntie Eve's


After 3 nights at Deborah's we drove up to Uncle Joe's. He lives in Brerec, about 65 miles from Deborah's. It's inland and very different to Penestin. They rent a property there. It's a 4 bed place so this time we all had a bedroom of our own although Jacob was up in the night and Coco the dog came and said hello to me at 6.30am! Jacob and Abi loved the garden and the dog and would have happily stayed the week. We only stayed a night as I wanted to get back. While at Uncle Joe's he took us on a tour of the local area. We stopped at the canal and had a walk along the banks. We were lucky to see a boat coming through. I've put in a photo of us by the lock. It was a series of 11 locks so we watched the boat go through a few. Jacob and Abi hadn't seen them before so they found it all very interesting. I've also incuded a photo of Jacob in the garden and Abi digging potatoes with Uncle Joe. The garden is beautiful. Auntie Eve has done a brilliant job. They are very happy in France, it is very rural but does suit them. We had a great meal there and then drove back here in one go - a 10 hour trip. Jacob and Abi were very good. I'd had enough especially after Allen said could I pick something up for tea on the way home! He went out and got Chinese when we got back. So our extended holiday was a success and I'd like to visit all of the places again.

We also have a new second car. Allen chose a VW Scirocco. It is growing on me, especially when I was driving yesterday and had to come off very quickly from the motorway. If I'd been in the Superb I would have rolled the car but this small nippy thing managed without the children even noticing. My friend was following me and I apparently made her children scream by watching us though! Allen will be driving it more as it's small in the back. I took it shopping and the weekly shop does fit in so it's OK.

Babysitter booked tonight so off into Sittard and we've also got a family's lunch tomorrow. Then it's Take That on Monday in Dusseldorf. We're using Take That as our 14th Wedding Anniversary celebration so hoping it's a good night.


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carriesweatland said...

I left comments on the post below, but wanted to remark that it appears the sun has come out there. I hope the summer looking weather holds. I found the extra long, overcast & wet spring weather here to be tiring.