Friday, July 22, 2011

More Turenne


Around Turenne were many beautiful villages and towns. We went to one called Collonges-la-Rouge = a red town. This was very touristy but very different to the other places we visited. Anne bought a beautiful painting, I wanted one too but Allen was Mr Moaner so we didn't get one. There were loads of jewellery shops and I was tempted by some nice pieces. I've put in a photo of the girls by one of the red brick buildings. It was on a hill so lots of leg strengthening walking was done!

Another town we went to was Uzerche, a Medieval town on a river. We had a great lunch in a local restaurant. It was packed, no English spoken but the food was excellent. They did the set lunch menu to include wine. I ended up drinking quite a bit of red wine, something I don't normally do but it was very light and very right with lunch!

The last photo is of my 2 in the pool. They probably spent most afternoons in there as it was warmer in the afternoons. We loved the area and will look to go again but to a different town. We were lucky that there were places to eat in Turenne so we could just walk down the very steep hill. My thighs and bum should have had a good workout but this was probably counteracted by the amount of duck and wine I had while in France!


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ceri said...

hello to your thighs and bum! so many pretty places to visit.