Friday, July 22, 2011



After a week in Turenne I dropped Allen at Limoges train station and he made his way back to Sittard. I'd had to go to the train station locally and buy him a ticket, I managed all in French and he eventually got home so it worked! We did speak quite a bit of French over the week, a lot easier than Dutch I have to say. So, after saying good bye to Allen we drove up to Penestin in Brittany. We stayed at Deborah's house. She's a fellow wife and teacher who's in Brunssum at present. I first met her when we were posted to DC. They bought a 4 bed cottage in a seaside location ten yuears ago and are gradually doing it up. She has 2 daughts but only one was there who's 12. She had her cousin out too and Abi was very happy to be hanging out with a 12 and 13 year old. It was great as you could walk into the town but also get to the sea very easily. Jacob and Abi loved the beach and water. They went in both days we were on the beach and had great fun. They collected fish, starfish and rocks in the rock pools using their nets and a bucket. We did a few walks too so there's a photo of us on the cliff top and one from the beach collecting. We had a lovely meal out in the town and Deborah cooked for us twice too. It was very relaxing even though I had to share with Abi! I hope we can visit again and take Allen with us next time.



carriesweatland said...

You made up for lost time -- I love the posts. Congratulations on the teacher position. I know the family will survive, and they may just appreciate all you do even more. Your travels seem to find you with friends all over, with many fun places to visit. Abi's hair looks so long and thick, and it's staying quite blond, isn't it? Jacob looks quite dapper in his 'karate' uniform. Little Annie's hair is slowly turning brown, and Jake's is almost fully brown. Not too much else new here. My sister comes for a week long visit on Saturday, and Brian's sister just had a baby boy on Wednesday. Oh, your princess Kate has taken America by storm. She's on the cover of every magazine since her US visit. She's got large footsteps to fill, but she's doing it. Say hello to everyone for us! Our best, Carrie

carriesweatland said...

P.S. Annie is running around in one of Abi's cute hand-me-downs. (She's yet to hit a major growth spurt, and may end up being on the more petite side.) Small things remind us of you all!