Friday, July 22, 2011

Brownies and Ju-JitSu

A late post! Abi bridged to Brownies at the end of the school term. She's done a year in Daisy's - Rainbow equivalent UK wise and now graduates to Brownies. I am going to keep running Daisy's as I have another Mum willing to run Brownies so it works well. I've included a photo of Abi getting her new uniform with her new leader - Linda. The other is of her enjoying the end of term Daisy party.

Jacob got his next set of tabs for Ju-JitSu, he is now an orange tab holder. He did really well as he was not feeling great, he'd had the previous day off but was determined to get the next level. He's well suited to Ju-JitSu with his sturdy build, have to say he's won most of his fights.


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