Saturday, January 21, 2012

IY5 Science Museum Trip

I went, with Jacob's class , to a local Science Museum. We had been there before, as a family, and it's a great hands on place. When we went Abi burnt her hand on a coffee bean roasting activity. This time I steered the group I had away from that one! Well actually I had 3 boys so they were interested in the building activities. Their favourite was making a boat and building a dam, so these are the ones I have included in the photos. My favourite was the making crisps one. The afternoon flew past. Jacob had been off school sick the day before, he had a chest infection. He's been on antibiotics and is a lot better, still coughing a little. The doctor wants to see him again on Monday if he's still chesty.

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carriesweatland said...

What fun to see how the kids have grown! It looks like you had a great Holiday. I hope your interview was a smashing success (of course, if you want the job!) Teaching certification can be tricky in the U.S., depending upon the state. I think Colorado is pretty flexible, so hopefully it it easy to get for that state. Not too much else new here...just busy with all the kids stuff and skiing. We had nearly 4 feet of snow last week, which kept us out of school for two days. Say a belated happy birthday to Allen for us!