Saturday, January 21, 2012

Abi bits and pieces

Abi's been busy over the past couple of weeks. She had a project at school to build a simple machine that had to have at least 2 working machines in the design. She decided to do a rescue truck. After quite a few arguements it did get built. Abi always thinks she is correct - I'm not sure who she gets this from in the family?! Anyway it was a good truck and hopefully she'll get a good score for this project. So there's a photo from school of her in her pod showing her machine.

Abi has also joined the cheer team. She had her first game to cheer at on Wednesday. The whole team were great. They were so enthusiastic although I don't think they watched the basketball team what so ever - neither did I! She is entering a talent show at school as part of the team too, she's also being a magician's assistant - I'll let you know how she does.

Abi has also been busy with Girl Scout cookie sales, we really need to get rid of all of the cookies from our house as they are not helping my healthy eating campaign at all!

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