Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair cuts and sledging

We all went for haircuts 2 weeks ago. I hadn't had mine done since my birthday in August up in Scotland so I asked for a major cut and got one! It is very nice and really easy to do, ie I don't have to do anything. Abi had a trim, Allen was in charge of Jacob's hair cut - see the photo for the result! I was a little worried that school wouldn't be impressed as I know, in the UK, patterns in boy's hair is not allowed. School were fine, Jacob loves it as do all of his friends. He now thinks he'll be getting his hair done regularly there!

We've had our first snow this year so off we went sledging with the neighbours. It was great fun. I've included photos from the morning. I did have a turn but didn't get any shots of me.

Cheerleading continues to rule our lives, Abi got to cheer with the big girls at the weekend. I have to say Abi's group were much more enthusiastic than the older ones who all seemed a little embarrassed. Talent show dress rehearsal after school today. Abi is cheering plus being a magician's assistant. She really just takes over and does the magic too, poor Jamie. I will post a picture from the actual show next week. Jacob is happy to watch and not take part.

It's Thinking Day on Saturday for the girl Scouts. The Daisy troop are doing Scotland so I've taught 19 6 and 7 year olds a dance that they will perform. I've now got to make stovies for about 100 people plus having Allen work people around for a party on Friday - going to be a little busy.


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carriesweatland said...

Love the hair! It's so unexpected. Now he just needs to hop on a surfboard (or snowboard). Sounds like your world is much the same as ours. How did the interviews go? I'll be curious to hear and hoping it all works out. Really little is new here, but it is all good. Say hello to everyone for us, our best, Carrie