Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sports Afternoon


Jacob and Abi took part in their first sports afternoon at Afnorth. I was lucky as they were both at the same time. They were put in teams next to each other and close to where I was sitting so I could cheer them on and they could hear and see me easily. It had to be held in doors as it was raining - the first rain we've had in ages. It didn't matter as they had a great time. Their favourite race was bouncing a ball along like basketball. I've included a variety of photos from the afternoon. My favourite part was the tug of war at the end. Abi was on the winning side due to the fact that her class are quite heavy where as Jacob's team didn't win any pulls due to the fact that his class is full of small people!


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carriesweatland said...

Fun to catch the sports day. Are you still filling in at the school as a teacher? I also think Abi would make a good narrator! Nothing much else here.... I'll ask the Daisy's about their pen-pals to see if it is the troup from our school. Love, Carrie