Sunday, June 19, 2011


Last weekend we went on the train to Amsterdam. They do cheap rail tickets here a couple of times a year so Allen and I paid 15 Euros a ticket for a return trip. Children are 2.50 return anywhere in The Netherlands. The train system here is very efficient, it took just over 2 hours and both trains we got were on time and double decker ones. I wanted to put a photo on from the train but Allen said his nose looked too big in it!

We went straight to the Science Museum called Nemo. It's shaped as a large ship. We ended up buying a museum card that gets us into about 50 museums around The Netherlands for free. It's for a year and I'm hoping it will encourage us to go to a few more! Nemo is about a 10 min walk from the main train station. I've included a photo of the bubble area, one of their favourite parts, although they enjoyed all of it. We only managed to do 2 out of the 4 floors so will go back again. We then went in search for a boat ride. We kept missing the boats and walked miles! I've put in a photo of them on one of the bridges during our walk around. We had also wanted to explore one of the main parks but ran out of time.

Next time we go we are going to stay the night as the boat tour would take most of the day let alone the other musuems and parks we could visit. Once school starts again after the summer we will look for a day off during term to go again. We all enjoyed the day out and were all shattered on the ride home!


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