Sunday, June 5, 2011

A family visit.


Just had Grandma Holwell, Auntie Katharine, Matthew and Amy over visiting for 3 nights 2 days. It worked out well as it was their half term and then Jacob and Abi just had Thursday and Friday off school.

They arrived Wednesday evening so we waited and ate with them. Amy slept in with Abi and Matthew was in with Jacob. Mum was on the sofa bed down stairs, she's been in the caravan now for 2 months so it was a treat sleeping indoors and on a sofa bed! She did say it was very quiet without the birds and Dad's snoring!

Thursday we went to Bokrijk park, in Belguim. I've included a photo of them on the cars, there's also horses to ride, which the girls did and lots of climbing and play equipment too. We took a picnic and spent the day there. When we got back we walked up to the ice cream shop, there's a photo of us there.

Friday morning we walked into the village as they all wanted chocolates from our excellent chocolate shop and, after lunch, we went to Gangelt Wildlife park in Germany. Everyone enjoyed it. I've added a photo of them feeding the deer and one of them at the play area. On the way home we had another stop at the ice cream shop and then it was home for a BBQ. We had excellent weather while they were here and everyone had fun. Shame they had to go early on Saturday!


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ceri said...

Looks fun! School out yet?