Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grandma Melrose's visit June 2010.


Grandma Melrose has been with us for a few days so we took the opportunity to visit a little further afield as we could all pile into her new Seat Ibiza Sports car, it's bright blue and 2 door. We were lucky with the weather so went punting in Cambridge. I started off as I was the only one who had punted before. My sister studied at Cambridge so we went and visited quite a bit. Allen nagged and moaned at me until he had a go and realised that it is actually quite hard to maneuver. It was great on the river in the sun, people watching and relaxing, well that was until Allen dropped the punting pole in the river! We then had to paddle back and retrieve it, we'll go again as everyone enjoyed it. I've included a photo of Grandma and the Grand children.

The next day we went to Shuttleworth. It's an aircraft museum with huge garden bit and large play area too. We all liked the gardens and Jacob and Abi loved the little paths and spotting the peacocks. I've added photos of a group shot and one of a peacock displaying it's tail. There's also one in the play area of Grandma trying to get on the hanging swing thing! Allen took the kids to look at the old planes while Marion and I went to the cafe. It was a lovely afternoon and we'll go again.

Later that evening we went to the Holwell church BBQ, mum and dad were the cooks. The children went swimming first. It's held in a great house in the village. They have an indoor pool and extensive gardens. The owner had even set up a big screen for people to watch the football - waste of time that was! We had a lovely evening.

Saw friends on the Saturday and have just returned from a delicious pub lunch for Fathers Day. I cooked breakfast for everyone and then we walked to the pub. Everyone is now at the park so it's nice and peaceful here for a little while!

Have booked a 4 day break away in the UK. We're off to a caravan park with kids club, flumes etc, Allen was all up for an abroad holiday but I wanted to stay closer to home. The kids club won him over and the price too. I will post about it and let you know how it goes!


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