Wednesday, June 16, 2010

France June 2010.


We did our first French trip with Jacob and Abi. We decided to go on Eurostar as I am sick of flying. We went first class as I thought we needed a treat. It was a bit lost on the kids but I enjoyed it. The train went straight to Eurodisney and after Allen managed to get us a suite plus VIP breakfast and fast pass tickets we headed to the park. We all had loads of fun. The weather was great, it was a tad busy but with the VIP fastpasses it wasn't a problem. I've put in photos of Jacob and Abi with Mickey and a photo of a photo of all of us on Thunder Mountain - spot the big kid! Jacob and Abi loved the roller coasters best followed by the hotel swimming pool as it had a slide.

After 2 nights at a Disney hotel we headed in a bit to stay at another hotel so we could explore Paris. It was a business hotel but suited us well. Again the kids loved the pool and we loved the relaxed atmosphere. We went into Paris for a full day and had fun walking up the Eiffel Tower, 685 steps to the second level. Abi lead the while way - what a surprise. I've included a photo of them and the Eiffel Tower. We went for a brilliant French Bistro lunch, Jacob and Abi coped well - not a kids menu in sight, plus some very helpful French people willing to translate on the next table for us! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking along the Seine, finding toilets and exploring the Notre Dame. We did so much walking over the 3 days it was knackering but we all enjoyed it.

Grandma Melrose arrived today so we're looking forward to doing some fun stuff with her.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Wilson's,

Glad to see your pictures and that you are back to normality in UK/FR. We have 3 weeks left in Belgium then back to UK living in Stanmore and starting work at PJHQ. Any more news on posting front? Hope all is well will drop our new address/contact by email soon.