Monday, June 28, 2010

A day out in London.


Jacob and Abi had their first day out in London. We decided to try a bus tour which included a boat trip. We had already planned to meet friends at Covent Garden for lunch so we thought we'd do a couple of hours on the bus, lunch and then boat trip. It generally went to plan but we needed at least 2 more hours. The kids got bored on the bus but the boat was very successful - apart from the fact that the toilet was broken! So we need to go again, spend more time on the river and definitely do the London Eye as that's all they went on about! The weather was glorious and I enjoyed seeing all the sites. Jacob was pleased he'd seen Pudding Lane as it brought back all his Fire of London stuff from school and funnily enough, when we got home, he dug out his Fire of London book and started reading it. We will go again but will plan more carefully next time. I've added a few shots from the day out.

We had to be back at Brampton to meet my cousin Albert and to go to families happy hour! Albert has made a last minute trip over from Canada so we met him at the station on the way back from our trip into London. He stayed for a couple of nights and it was nice to catch up with him. We also met up with Anne and co and Nicky at the pub on Saturday afternoon. Again another afternoon of catching up. A sociable weekend with lots of sun too.

Sunday we walked, due to no car, to the local car boot sale. We came back with a variety of 'bargains' including 2 light sabers - one for Jacob, the other for Allen. They make noises apparently, I can't wait! We did get an egg poacher and travel coffee pot along with a hair braider, a variety of top trumps and some really heavy saucepans. I'm sure we'll be visiting there again.

Off to Hastings this week on our caravan adventure, 3 of the family are excited. Will let everyone know how it goes.

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