Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planting and parties!


I have just finished doing some planting with Jacob and Abi. It's coming on for Spring now so as it's difficult to get lettuce I decided we should grow some. So today we planted tomatoes, from seed, a variety of lettuce, cornflowers, marigolds, basil, coriander and poppies. We don't get many flowers here either so I thought it'd be nice to try and grow some. I'll let you know what happens! It took us an hour and everyone and everything got very mucky. There's a couple of photos of the planting.

Jacob and Abi have been to a couple of parties recently so there are 2 photos, one of Jacob and Abi playing a games at Ben's 5th Birthday and one of Abi singing at Cara's 5th Birthday. They had fun at both but have got to learn that they can't win every game as we had quite a few tears after each game was played. They are now banned from the next party invite for being so silly.

We also went and saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. It's an animated film, 3D in the UK but not in the Falklands. Jacob's been doing a behaviour chart at school and, if he got all of his stickers this week, he chose to go to the cinema. I was very cross after their behaviour at Ben's party but I had to take them to the cinema as Jacob has been a very good boy at school. Anyway I really enjoyed the film as did the children. It only came out in the UK cinema's this weekend so it was good we had it down here.

Abi's off in a minute for Smokoes at Darwin with a friend and Jacob and I are going into pre school to set it up for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing Allen back tomorrow.



carriesweatland said...

Nice post. It's strange to think we are on opposite seasons. We're anxious for Fall, as higher summer temperatures are still lingering.
Our best, Carrie

rebecca said...

wow, the kids are so grown up now - they look gorgeous!! so pleased things are going well for you all, hugs from rebecca (NCT, still in it, but only for a couple more months...)