Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 Birthdays


On our return from Cranwell we spent some time with my family. Over August it is Amy's and my Dad's birthdays so we had 2 celebrations. I have included a photo of Amy blowing her candles and one from Dad's day too. For Amy's BBQ we did pass the parcel which was enjoyed by everyone. We had 4 days in Holwell. Annette, my aunt, did a lunch get together. It was lovely seeing everyone, I've put in a photo of me, Annette and mum. We also had a park trip and scarecrow hunt with Matthew and Amy. On the flight day we had a BBQ for Dad's birthday and then mum and dad took us over to Brize for the flight. I was worried about flying on my own with the children but they were great. There were 3 other families that we knew so everyone was kept well entertained. Jacob and Abi slept most of the 8 hour 50 min flight. Next blog is about Ascension.


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