Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ascension in Winter


Allen met us in Ascension. It was great to see him, 2 weeks felt too long for all of us. We went for breakfast and then headed put to the beach. The first one we visited was English Bay. All of the beaches were white sand and blue, blue sea. I've included photos of English bay - a bit rough, Long Beach - quite open and the black fish in Comfortless Cove - my favourite. We fed the fish fruit and crisps, I was worried as the fish went mad but the children weren't bothered. Jacob and Abi went in the swimming pool on base too. It was lovely and hot and not too buggy. We also went up Green mountain and saw bananas growing - I've put in a photo of J,A and Allen with a view from the top of the mountain. It was great to have a break between the flights and to relax on the beaches too. Allen did go into work but it was easy to entertain the children. We have booked to go again for a week in April and I am looking forward to it already!

The flight back was much emptier and non eventful. I had the pleasure of entertaining Abi for the whole flight although I did manage to watch most of The Hangover - very funny.

Landed to a few flurries of snow but it has been sunny, if freezing, since we've been back! We put up a trampoline in the garden today so I've put a photo of them on that too. Preschool starts back tomorrow, have already been in twice. As I stopped this to finish off cooking tea it started snowing which made Abi and Jacob rush outside! Now time for our favourite family TV show Total Wipeout and then bedtime. The clocks went on an hour here today as it's Spring so only a 4 hour UK time difference but a one hour DC difference. Oh yes, I got a Wii for my birthday, as I type Abi's busy playing golf on it! Jacob's banned, don't ask. I will do the yoga once they are at school. I'm the hula hoop champion of the family though, which I found entertaining.



carriesweatland said...

Love the posts! What fun & adventures. Truly wonderful. So sorry - I've been so behind on everything. I'm guilty of not showing very good manners. Annie loved her school set. She desperately wishes she was in kindergarten and she organizes all of her papers into the folder. It was very kind of you to send something, and also to remember Annie's birthday. I know Jacob's is in November and Abbi's is in April, right? Well, that has never been my strength. But I did pick up something (early) for Jacob. It just looked like him. Actually, it looked more like Allen. Then I searched my address book for your BPO details, which I know I have. But I cannot find them. So, may I have your address again? Teaching has kept me very busy, as they added another class. No complaints, though. It has been good. My best to you all! Carrie

Claire said...

Must be wierd to go from sun to snow so quickly! Hope J & A settled back into school....we started on Aug 26th - but both now in the same school thankfully! First day back was a bit hard for Olivia but Megan took it in her stride (it was supposed to be the other way around!). Nevertheless, both happy now! I was a little lost initially but now enjoying my new found freedom - 8 a.m until 2.30 p.m. - it's been over 8 years!!

ceri said...

Hi, Rachael. What a gorgeous beach! I love photo of you and Abi.

Will I ever post on my blog? It's been quite busy this week with Owen back to school and my deadline rapidly approaching. Hope to be less rushed next week.

If we had a bigger house, I would so get a Wii.


carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael,
Cotton floss has a good ring to it. The book the Jake's kindergarten teacher uses is British and I recognize the subtle differences. Instead of "circle", it tells them to "ring", etc, etc.
Anyway, I do have a proper teaching contract, which has been nice. It's only .65 time, but it might as well be full-time. There's all kinds of programs for new teachers, and trainings, and department meetings, and all-school meetings, and so on. I'm enjoying it, but I'm still adjusting to it all. It's been in the 90's and I'm actually ready for fall to arrive. Jacob and Annie are both in soccer, and that has kept us busy as well. Anyway, I'm rambling on. Do send your address, if you get a chance. Carrie