Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

I haven't managed to do an entry for a while so this one covers a few weeks!

Last weekend we went and saw Nemo on ice. It was an excellent show and we all really enjoyed it. Abi left asking when we could see it again. There's a photo showing Jacob in his Nemo hat and Abi dressed as a beautiful mermaid.

The weather has been very strange here. One day it's t-shirt weather and the next snow trousers. As we thought the sunny days were on their way we went out and bought Jacob and Abi bikes. I put them together, Jacob's taking about an hour and Abi's 20 mins. There's a photo of them on them. Since, we have cycled to the park and they are getting a lot faster. I'm hoping over the summer we'll be able to go on longer cycle rides. Stabilisers are on at the moment but I think, later in the summer, we may be able to start trying without.

There's also a photo of them decorating eggs. We had a fun time doing it with only one egg being dropped. You should notice that Jacob is now Mr Gappy at the front and his other front one is loose too. He seems so young to be loosing them all. Abi's most annoyed that she hasn't lost any and that Jacob is getting money from the tooth fairy and she's not! Jacob's saving his dollars for a matchbox dragon car thing. Abi has a long list of what she wants for her birthday. Unfortunately she's watching adverts on the TV and has some hideous things on the wish list!

The last photo is of our egg hunt this morning. Too much chocolate, but I'm sure Allen and I will help them eat it. Well not the Hershey bits.

Off to Winter Park for 2 days skiing. Jacob's got another eye appointment at the hospital on Wednesday. We have written down lots of questions this time.He had a dermatology appointment this week and had his spots treated again. This time it was not as sore for him and none of the bled like last time so he'll be swimming again soon. Abi's having preschool friends over Thursday and I do my first proper Arbonne party this coming week. Allen's family arrive Friday, not telling the children til Thursday! Have started cleaning and sorting for then. Finally put up blinds in the spare room and set it up ready. We have bought a sofa bed for Cameron and are hoping Finn will sleep in with Jacob and Abi.

So the next photos will include our Scotish family; we're looking forward to spending some time with them all.

Hope everyone's well



carriesweatland said...

Fun pictures! Hope the skiing at Winter Park is great. I sent a letter, so I'll not repeat too much here. But I forgot to ask for your phone #'s. Little Annie poured water on my phone and it broke. I got a new one, but lost my contacts. I think we're missing Melissa and family. I have a training sessions from 9-4 pm on Saturday, which is the day (I think) she's coming through. Anyway, enjoy the Wilsons of Scotland! Talk with you soon, Carrie

Rachael said...

Winter Park was excellent although still think we'll get a season pass for Breckenridge next season. The house we stayed in was nicer than our own and we're going again in 2 weeks or so to have the last weekend of the season there with the owners. Our number is:303 731 9636. Is your number the same? Melissa's number is: 303 522 0084. I think she was hoping to see you Friday. Is the training for teaching? I haven't heard anything from the resumes I put in. Off to bed, speak to you soon

carriesweatland said...

Thanks for the numbers. My # is the same. I had emailed Melissa, but will now try calling her. I'm subbing tomorrow. The training on Saturday is for teaching - mostly about the English as a Second Language (Navajo is a strong native language here.) It's a required thing and has been taking up some Saturdays (six when it is all said and done.) Glad the skiing went well. Have a great time with Allen's family! Carrie