Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Spring Day

Well we've been busy as usual. Went skiing last Sunday, Monday and Friday at A Basin, Keystone and Brekenridge respectively. Jacob and Abi are definitely getting more confident and faster. Abi may need another lesson but I think Jacob has it mastered. We had a good time, staying with people from Allen's work at Dillon on Sunday night. They had a lovely puppy, and for me to say that it must have been cute as I hate all animals! Jacob and Abi have now been on and on at me about wanting a dog. My response is that we can't have one until we move back to a country for good. Trouble is they don't really understand that and we don't know when or where that will be.

I've just completed my resume, the American term for CV I think. I'm taking it into Jacob and Abi's school plus another one very close by. I'm hoping for some cover work; we'll see. Also starting my Arbonne business seriously this month so we'll see how that goes. I was tempted to go to Atlanta for the National Training Conference but, in the end, decided not to. My main reason was a bit sad as I wasn't sure I could leave the children for 3 nights.

We had a great Spring day yesterday. Walked to our local park early and the kids played and ran around. Then we took a picnic to a park near Melissa's new house - she moved yesterday. The house is great but it's a reposession and had been empty for a year so it was filthy. I volunteered to clean the bathrooms for her. So I left Jacob, Abi and Allen at the park on a lovely afternoon and went and cleaned the most disgusting bathrooms I have ever set eyes on! Her new house is very different, big, airy and a super back garden. It's in a good location too, so a step up for her on the property ladder and we'll probably spend quite a bit of the summer over there. We came back to our close and the children played out for the rest of the day. The photos are of basketball practice and Abi on roller skates. Some very popular neighbours feature in the photos too. Jacob loves Sam and Sam is very good at letting Jacob join in.

Abi did an assessment at preschool, it was a trial by a local foundation who asked teachers for student volunteers. We were asked for Abi to take part and she loved it. She came out very well. 2 years above for general ability, spot on for letter recognition (good as I've done sod all so far with her) and a year above for problem solving. I think they'll assess her again in a year.

Jacob had treatment at the hospital for his Molescum Contagiousum (thought it sound like a spell from Harry Potter!). The actual treatment didn't hurt but afterwards they all blistered and bled. We weren't warned so I was a bit annoyed at the doctor. It does seem to have removed quite a few though. He has got to go back in 3 weeks, not sure he'll want them touching him though poor boy. Also have an eye appointment this month.

Yesterday it was a lovely 20oc, today it's minus 4 and snowing, what a change! Looking forward to Allen's lot coming out at the end of the month and then Anne, Pete and Emily next month. Allen may be off to Australia too so busy as ever.

Hope all's well

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carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael -
Sounds like all is well there. Good luck with the resume and possible job. Sounds like you'll be in Colorado for at least another year then? Not much exciting to report here, but things are good. We're getting ready for our trip to Florida, which we are all excited about. I wish I could've put Jake in swim lessons before, but I'll have to wait until this summer. Well that's all from here. Say hello to everyone for us! Carrie