Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Turners and Grandma Melrose

Hi All
Sorry I haven't updated this for a while. We had a great time with Louise, Stuart, Cameron, Finn and Grandma Melrose. They stayed for 2 weeks and it flew past. We had a week skiing in Breckenridge that was enjoyed by everyone. Finn could ski down the greens by the end of the week and Cameron could do the same on the snowboard. Louise and Stuart quickly regained their skiing skills and we managed to go out a few times on the slopes with just the adults so could create a bit more speed.

One of the days Allen and I went to Vail while everyone else went dog sledging. We all had a brilliant time. Allen and I exploring Vail and the rest driving the sled and having fun.

Our visitor buoyed up the American Economy with the amount of shopping they did! Grandma being the most restrained, although she'll be back again soon I'm sure to help out.

There are a variety of photos. The family at breakfast, Cameron ready to hit the slopes, dog sledging, cousins together (missing Cameron though) and finally Abi and Grandma at Abi's early birthday party with the family. Our visitors are being missed although we are looking forward to Abi's God mum and family arriving next week.

Other news, Jacob lost his other front tooth so he's now Mr gappy. I never thought that would happen as all of his other teeth came in very quickly so you didn't really notice the gap. Abi's stilling having a hard time with Jacob getting money from the tooth fairy! Abi turns 4 on Friday. We have 17 children coming to the party on Saturday, may be more. I decided to do it at home. I was going to hire a bouncy castle but Mr Meany convinced me not to so I'm now planning activities and games instead. Abi's chosen a ballet cake which I am making. Jacob has started soccer, he has no idea what he is doing but is really enjoying it. His first game is Saturday so of course Allen has volunteered to take him while I cope with 17 3 and 4 year olds! We'll try and get a photo of him playing soccer next time. Hard not to call it football! The weather has been pretty hot - 28C yesterday, however it's due to snow tonight - very strange.

So I hope everyone is well, I'm having a lot of fun with my Arbonne business - if you want to know more let me know.



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carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael!

What nice pictures and an enjoyable time with your family. I didn't see much family resemblence, but perhaps that is just the age difference (or my eyesight). I just sent a long email to you about possible travel plans. Talk with you soon, Carrie

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