Sunday, November 25, 2007

UK visit Nov 07

Have just returned from the UK on a nightmare flight with Abi. The trip was good but coming home took a little longer due to problems at Heathrow. We sat for 2 hours on the plane before take off. Abi, by which point, had had enough as had the rest of us! Luckily she fell asleep before Allen threw her off the plane. Anyway we were on that plane for 12 hours. (you would have loved it Ceri!)No bumpiness so I was OK.
The UK visit was great. Nanny's funeral was full of great memories and I learnt a few things about her that I didn't know.(She'd once met Charlie Chaplin.) Jacob and Abi had a great time with their cousins and Grandparents. Allen's mum came down from Scotland so it was good to catch up with her - photo at the station. She's out here on the 20th Dec which everyone is looking forward to. It was my sister's 40th while we were back which was a bit over shadowed really. We did go to the pub for lunch though - see photo. We also managed to catch up with local friends and there's a photo of Jacob and Abi in dress up stuff with friends William and Isobel.
Thought we'd visit again in the summer but we're going to wait and see what devil child is like before we book.
Arrived back to snow in Denver. Thought about going skiing this weekend but checked the weather and it's minus 25 centigrade in Breckenridge at the moment so I think we'll wait for a bit longer!
Hope everyone's well


carriesweatland said...

You're back! Sounds like the trip was a lot of fun. Minus the travel, of course. I could just picture Allen throwing Abi off the plane. It must have been horrible to sit for 2 hours on the run way. I know my kids would have lost it, and Brian would have suffered from spontaneous combustion. Hope you get out to do lots and lots of skiing. Not much here, we had a great time in Phoenix, did some shopping, eating out, spending time with family, and some small outings. Now were back in Page and just doing the normal. It will be quiet here for the next few months, I think. We're considering a day trip over Christmas to Bryce Canyon, just for somthing different. It'll be cold, but we'll get a feel for the area and what a camping trip would be like. (I think it is about the same distance from Page to the Grand Canyon as Page to Bryce Canyon.) Anyway, I'm rambling. Great to see the pictures. Love, Carrie

carriesweatland said...

Great about the hiking trip for Allen & Brian. If he wants to email Brian directly: I let Brian know that Allen is interested. Since we are going to Florida in March for a week, it may have to wait until May or later. But they can work out those details....... Not much else here.....Carrie