Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hi All

Halloween was great fun. It started the day before with a whole school trip to a Fall Festival. I've included a photo of Abi on the pillow bounce. It was a huge inflated pillow. We also enjoyed a corn maze, well it was hot and I had Abi on my shoulders but Jacob enjoyed it! There was a train and hay ride too so a busy day really.

There was a school Halloween party that I helped at. Well, Abi took most of my attention so how much help I gave was debatable! I've included a photo of Jacob doing the candy corn race. If you've never had candy corn it's a sugar hard sweet that Americans seem to love - not sure why!

Halloween night was dry but cold. Luckily Allen went round our close and the next one too with Jacob as a bat, and Abi as a cat. I stayed at Keli's ( a neighbour over the road)and had a drink. They came back with plenty of candy which should last us the month.

Booked Jacob's 5th Birthday party at Mc Donalds. Out here they have big play areas that go with the actual restaurant so there should be plenty to do. He's very excited although Abi is a bit confused as she's picked out a cake too and keeps telling everyone what she wants for her birthday! I think I'll have to find a few things to give her on the day to soften the blow! (Mum's sent something out so that'll be a good start - thank you Mum.)

We're coming back to the UK a week tomorrow (12th Nov). Sadly Nanny died having nearly reached 98 years old. Looking forward to seeing everyone but wish it was for a happier reason.

Will try and blog from the UK but with no broadband in Holwell that could be pushing it! I'll do Jacob's birthday though next week. Back in the US on the 23rd so we'll be missing Thanksgiving.

See some of you soon



ceri said...

sorry to hear about your Nan, Rachael. hope you have a nice visit with your family despite the occasion. can't believe jacob is turning five; that sounds so OLD! we are out of school today and tomorrow for parent/teacher conferences. aghhh!

carriesweatland said...

Rachael -
Safe travels to the UK. Sorry about your grandmother, even though it was expected. 98! Can you even imagine all the changes she has seen in her lifetime? Jake and Annie say hi, too.

Rachael said...

Also forgot to add that Jacob lost his first tooth on Halloween! There is actually a tooth coming through - I thought it happened around 7 years old - he's growing up too fast!