Monday, November 12, 2007

Jacob's 5th Birthday

Jacob's Birthday weekend was a great success even though we did have a few language issues with the Mc Donald's staff! We started the day with present opening - lots from the UK so thank you to all those people who got them here on time. He loved walking in and seeing them all piled on the table (see photo). My mum and dad used to always do that and it was something I looked forward to every year. He wasted no time demolishing the pile, letting Abi help too. We got him a Spiderman scooter which has been well ridden by both of them - we know what to get Abi for Christmas! After a bit of a play, with most things, it was swimming lesson time. They both enjoyed the lesson, neither listening much and doing their own thing! We had a quick stop for cake at the cafe on the way home and then Jacob and Daddy got back to building their Batman Lego creation, sent from Grandma Melrose. Jacob has wanted this set since his friend George got it when they visited us in DC back in April. Abi and I went and picked up the balloons for his party and then we all set off for Mc Donald's only to find that they had double booked the room and we had to set up in the restaurant. Allen was fuming but it all worked out well and everyone had a brilliant time. The play area was a hit, as was the cake.

We arrived home tired but having to get ready for the neighbours coming round. Did a party tea with a castle cake - see photos. It was much more relaxing with the neighbours, perhaps due to the champagne! They are also very easy going. Jacob really enjoyed his day.

It's been lovely weather today, so after some last minute shopping to take back to the UK and lunch out, we went to Washington Park and took the scooter and bike for a trip around the lake. It was so nice being out in shorts and T shirts, I have a feeling we won't be wearing that this coming week in Hertfordshire!

So am all packed, just snacks for the journey to sort. Hope to see some of you in the UK over the next 10 days. Hope all's well with everyone. Would have been Nanny's 98th Birthday today so Happy Birthday Nanny. I will be raising a glass as soon as I'm done here.


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carriesweatland said...

Happy Birthday Jacob Wilson! Sounds like a great day of celebrating. The cake looks too cool to eat, but I'm sure it was consumed. Not too much new here, kind of quiet. Have a safe trip back to the UK....Carrie