Monday, June 29, 2015


Hi, we have just said goodbye to the Mertes Family. We had a fun long weekend with them that really revolved around drinking as many different Belgium beers as we could! They arrived when I was on my way out to Abi's Leavers Dining out night at school. Abi had got a new outfit and looked lovely. The night was good fun and lots of great things were said about the kids. Abi had written a play that the class performed and it was very funny with Abi stealing the show at the end!
We had a few hours in Mons on Friday day and then spent time on SHAPE at a music festival and also at our happy hour. We also did our favourite walk to our pub through the woods and had an early night out in Mons with Jacob babysitting - Abi was not that impressed but Kaden was!

The adults enjoyed steak on a rock and a few cocktails after!
It was sad to say goodbye to the Mertes but I am sure we will see them in Floirda at some point next year!
Abi also became a Merit Centurion at school, meaning that she got 1000 stars. She did it in record time - normally taking 4 years she has managed it in 2.5 years. You get your name on the board at school. I said she could have a treat for doing so well so she has asked to have her ears pierced and we agreed - I was going to make her wait until she was 13 so she's happy!

I have also included a photo of Abi and the cakes she entered into a baking competition. She did it all on her own - with the help of You Tube. She won and was extremely pleased.

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