Friday, May 8, 2009



Jacob and Abi have had so much fun sledging, we even went out before school this morning and did a few runs! I've included a couple of photos of them whizzing away. So as you can tell we got some more snow, quite a bit really as it made the flight have to turn around and go back to Ascension. The sun is out though and it will soon be gone. Jacob now needs another winter coat as his is hopeless and this is only the start to the winter hence it will get even colder.

My butchered cow arrives at 3.30pm, have cleared the freezer in readiness. Lucky it's being delivered today as Allen has invited 9 people round for tea on Sunday. Still car less. Hoping to get it back on Saturday. Has been a great excuse not to go to the gym! Abi fell over at school and we had to go to the med centre with her due to all the grit involved. She's fine but her face is bruised and grazed. They washed it all out at the doctors and she was very brave. No black eye but a black chin instead. Allen's exercise finished at work so no more 14 hour days for a while. Inspection at pre school next week, had a mouse there yesterday. We managed to chase it out of the door much to the children's amusement! Off to set a trap up there now.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

Sledding looks so fun! How funny to see pictures of snow. The kids didn't understand why it was winter there. A bit too deep of a concept. There's only 2 more weeks of school left. I'm anxious for summer break. One long vacation road-trip planned, other than that just small last-minute things. I'm not working and the kids are not in pre-school, and we're looking forward to that. Hope your meat is good! Enjoy and say hi to the kids. I'll try to get a video up soon. We're off to Flagstaff to meet my sister for the weekend. Our best, Carrie

ceri said...

have fun in the snow!
thanks for the "thank you" postcard. it's on the fridge!

Claire said...

Amazing - you have snow just as our pool is getting warm enough to use again! Hope Abi has recovered from her fall - your weather is more confusing than it is at home!!! Must say that the mention of "RAF Exercise" still makes me shudder...hope you are all still enjoying the experience, seems like you are having a ball!!! Only 4 more weeks of school here (and counting down!); may be going home sooner than planned...perhaps, possibly, maybe, all up in the air just now so we are just enjoying the CA life for as long as possible! Take Care Cx