Sunday, May 3, 2009

Burtha's Beach


We were meant to be going into Stanley today to go swimming, out for lunch and go toy shopping plus get Jacob some trainers. The car however had other ideas as it wouldn't start. The day it snowed we had the same problems and the nice MT people came and fixed it. Now it needs to go to the garage in Stanley so we are carless at the moment. Luckily a couple of families were going down to Burtha's beach so we got a lift with them. It was sunny but the wind and water were freezing. The boys rushed straight in, got soaked straight away so ended up going in in just coats and pants. They loved it for about 20 minutes and then realised how cold it really was. The 3 girls that went were very sensible and had races up and down the sand and paddled in the water. The 5 boys all needed a change of clothes and had very cold feet! Ben had it the worst as he fell flat in the water after about a minute of playing. So we got back, after everyone had warmed up in the cars, and all of the children played very well while the mum's had coffee. We got home and had showers to try and get rid of some of the sand and then I had a phone call suggesting bike riding would be fun as the sun was out. So I decided to put their stabilisers back on due to riding on the road and I couldn't physically cope with 2 children needing a helping hold and run technique. We were out with 9 other children having a great time riding up and down the road - luckily not that busy. As the sun disappeared so did we as it was getting rather cold. I took 2 extra home with me and we did art activities while Jacqueline (my neighbour) cooked tea for the kids. So it was an easy evening. I've included a photo of Jacob and Thomas running merrily out of the sea and then one of Abi and Emma wearing most of the make up Abi owns!



Claire said...

Great make-up technique!!! Very sweet....

ceri said...

you might want to suggest that Abi do a complexion matching seminar.

sounds like a fun and busy day. we've had rain, rain, rain recently, so we're missing the bike rides and hanging with 'hood kids.