Monday, August 8, 2016

Ramadan and UK Trip

It has been a busy three months since I last posted as we experienced our first Middle East Ramadan and then went to the UK for 3 weeks to see family and friends.

May was also a frantic month for Allen with some major exercises and demonstrations as it was the 100th Anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt. Some photographs!

At the start of June we went to the Club Summer Ball
and also had a lot of Girl Scout activities.

Ramadan started on the 6th of June and it was an experience. We did not have to fast but of course we refrained from eating and drinking in public. What that meant for Allen and I is that we did not eat most of the day: you get used to it pretty quickly and even managed to go for some great Wadi Walks.

as you can see, it was quite tiring
We learnt how to cook a Jordanian meal
and at the end of Ramadan we headed to the UK. Allen and I quickly abandoned Jacob and Abi to go to Belgium for the weekend.
After that we met with Marion, Louise and Stuart in the Lake District, celebrated two birthdays and had some excellent walks.

 We met lots of friends

and celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary!
There seems to be a lot of pictures of us drinking!

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