Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Jacob's 13th Birthday

Hi All

Well we now have a teenager in the house (although with Abi it has felt we have had a teenager for years!). Grandma was here to help us celebrate but she didn't manage to get up for the early morning present opening. Jacob appeared in bed with us at about 5.45am so we did open most of his presents before school.

When he got back from school we opened the rest and also had cake. He chose to go to PJ Changs for dinner, a posh Chinese restaurant. It was really good. The other thing he chose was to take a friend to see Spectre at the cinema. So at the weekend we took his friend Arnold plus us, Grandma and a friend for Abi. The girls were going to see I am Malaya however there was only one showing and we'd missed it! So the boys went into Spectre and we went home and watched a DVD. Arnold stayed over and Jacob has a fun birthday week.

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