Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ruth's visit

Ruth came to stay for a week so we went out and about locally. She was going further afield with her tour group but doing nothing local to Amman.

So we went to the Panorama above the Dead Sea, there's a museum up there and a restaurant. The views were amazing:

After this we went to a hot springs, a mixed visit - the 'cafe' was basic, the toilets were hole in the ground, poo everywhere and they stank, we then went to the ladies only waterfall - it reminded me of a penguin's pool at a zoo with a little trickle for the waterfall. So not a good start. We then went to the family waterfall that was 60 degrees so there was no way we could go in! Last but not least was the general area. Here the security person told us what order to do things in, the steam cave, the water fall then the bottom pool. It was great fun and we went around twice and then had a bit of a sun bathe.
We also went to Ajloun Castle and had a picnic in the forest. The castle was very impressive, we had a cup of mint tea as we went in and then had a good hour wandering around.
We also visited the Roman Amphitheatre, downtown Amman. It is huge, my thighs were very sore the next day!
Ruth and I visited the Citadel, or as the taxi man said it's actually called Amman castle. It's the Roman remains that are also downtown. It is a vast area but it was a bit hot when we were there!
We then did a Wadi walk with Ruth. This time we went with some seasoned Wadi walkers and they took us to Wadi split. This one had water in it and a couple of waterfalls, very impressive. It was a two hour hike, all of us enjoyed it but it was hard work and I have never sweated so much in my life!
We ate out quite a bit with the most interesting drink being a lettuce smoothie, it was like drinking a cold lettuce soup - disgusting but I was determined to finish it - I did!
Finally Ruth and I went to a 80's night, it was excellent. Loads of neon and brilliant music, we danced loads.

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