Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Abi entered a car in the Powder Puff Derby, the girls version of Pinewood Derby, this was with Girl Scouts. We had lots of fun racing, her car wasn't bad, especially as I had helped make it! Hers is the Union Jacob one.

Swimming was a bit thing for Jacob and Abi. Abi qualified to swim 50m backstroke and 200m freestyle for the Championships. She swam at Eidenhoven in their Olympic pool. It was a brilliant experience. She came 14th out of about 200 so we were very proud of her. They both received trophies at the end of the season too. Allen is now President of the Seals Swim Team so we'll be even more involved - oh dear!

Abi has started horse riding, not seriously yet, but she's taken to it a lot better than her Mum - I am scared stiff of horses!

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