Saturday, September 24, 2011


Allen, Jacob and Abi did a try a triathlon last weekend. Everyone had loads of fun. Allen's was a bit more serious. He swam 12 lengths, cycled 10 miles and then ran 2. We watched from the cycling stage. As he is training for the Amsterdam marathon he is in very good condition. He did extremely well and came 4th out of 70. He reckons they made him swim 2 extra lengths so he would have actually been 3rd.

Jacob and Abi had to do 2 lengths, cycle a mile and run 800m. It was just right for them and they loved it. At the end they got a great goodie bag too. After it was all done there was a BBQ and bouncy things for the children to go on. I ended up cooking the BBQ, not sure how that happened!

So now Jacob needs a new bike as Abi is the right size for his one. Luckily Jacob's birthday is coming up, so at least we have an easy present this year!



carriesweatland said...

Major kuddos to Alan and Jacob/Abi. Quite impressive!! Seriously.

I'm getting a post up in just a bit...

ceri said...

Awesome. That looks so fun. Way to go Abi and Jacob! Can't wait to hear how the Amsterdam Marathon goes. I'm a tiny bit jealous, you know.

Allen said...

don't be jealous Ceri - the training is a major pain in the but!