Thursday, July 15, 2010



We are recently returned from a week away visiting our Scottish relatives. While we were there it was our nephew, Cameron's, 16th birthday. Jacob and Abi love both of their Scottish cousins so everyone had a great time up North. We celebrated Cameron's birthday twice, once at a local restaurant and then a BBQ on his actual birthday. I've included one of him with his cake and his fan club! There's also one of Allen and I in Skoda hats. I have to say both Cameron and Finn were brilliant with our two and it always makes our visits enjoyable for all. Abi wanted a photo put in of her in a witches hat, Marion's slipper socks dancing with a toy fishing rod! Marion had the children for a day so Allen and I could go up to Dundee to check on out property. I really miss Dundee, not sure Allen thinks the same of the place but he did go to University in Edinburgh I suppose! Our property was fine, a few things need doing but we expected that. Met the couple renting it and they seem nice if young - or am I just old now!?

At the weekend my brother-in-law, Stuart, had all of the children so Allen, Louise, Marion and myself could have a night in a hotel near Newcastle. It was such a relaxing night and next morning too. They all appeared by lunch so we were busy with walks and swimming. We were at the hotel for Marion's 65th Birthday. All of her sister's had come up too so it was great catching up. Jacob and Abi loved seeing all of their Great Aunties so I hope all of these Aunties come and visit us in Holland. The food and chat were both excellent and everyone enjoyed their weekend.

So we got our posting notice and we're off to Brunssum to start on the 23rd August. School begins then. A bit earlier than we thought for, our stuff is still not back from the Falklands so we'll leave it in the boxes ready to go to Holland! Allen's in hospital today for his knee op, off to see him later. My mum and dad are having J&A for the night so Marion and I can go and see Allen later and then pick him up tomorrow.

Will post a photo of him and his knee!


ceri said...

Nice pics! I'm still trying to figure out how to align my photos as nicely in Typepad. Cameron looks so old! Perfect age for a fan club. said...

Wonderful photos of your family, I love to see that there are dedicated men who spend quality time with their family.